intentional, purposeful & deliberate.

We call it Working Designedly and it's what we believe in.

We're a people company.

We encourage companies to take a purpose-led approach, elevating the skills and potential of the people whilst creating a thriving workplace culture.

We are redefining what it means to 'work'.


LDV workspace

Learning that is current and empowering, allowing for new experiences and conversations. Giving autonomy back to the individual and their learning.


An online collaborative platform accessible any time from any device.

LDV workswith

A fully supported leadership program, designed for the long run,

working through real situations with real solutions.

A one to one bespoke approach designed to activate leaders.

LDV worksculture

Working together to establish a learning culture that is right for you,

your business and your people.  

Consulting your teams with actionable ideas.



The Mindful Eating Clinic


“Working with LDV gives me perspective, confidence and structure for my thinking. This makes me better equipped for my clients and my colleagues”

- Lori Weber

We put people at the forefront of what we do

We creatively challenge the world as we know it, without judgement

We take ownership of our contribution

We believe in finding what works for you and your people - it may not be us

We deliver what's right, not what's been done before

We thrive on results, the ones that leave positive and lasting impact

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Tell us more about your people, your business and yourself.

We are curious to find out more!

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