An absolute power house of a human being, I don't know how she does it and it inspires me every day.  Claire knows how to keep things fun, even when running a business, being mum and everything in between including flips and burpees!

Claire will always talk about the latest thing she has learnt, constantly discovering and evolving and looking for ways to improve in order to achieve the next goal.  Having grown her business, expanded the facilities and surviving closures over lock down, is recognition of the community she has built around her.


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A true focus on self awareness in order to take herself and the business to new heights.  Now undergoing various new projects, collaborations and events, through increased confidence, and trust in her own abilities.

Claire runs a successful gymnasium holding various classes with expert instructors. The venue also hosts studio classes run by independents, which in turn supports other local businesses. 

Most recently Claire has launched her first 28 Day Nutrition Kickstarter course which anyone can access.


We have been working together since January 2019 through various services. More recently through 1:1 support on a regular monthly basis where we focus on growing the business and Claire's development within that.  Working on everything from growth strategy, brand awareness, business structure, and operations.

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