Where do I even begin!  With many buzzwords being thrown around like, authentic, coach, confidence, I can honestly say that these are true when I think of Gayle.  Someone who has the right intentions, strong values and genuinely loves to help others find their own confidence.

Gayle IS making a positive difference to all that have worked with her, a difference that will last a lifetime, skills people will have forever.  Gayle loves her holidays and is forever on walks through the most beautiful places.

If you haven't met Gayle, definitely go say Hello!


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Gayle developed strong brand foundations, including vision, purpose and brand values.

From this Gayle has launched blogs, courses, face to face workshops, been a guest speaker/workshop host for other membership groups and offers 1:1 coaching packages.

In September 2021 Gayle launched the first episode of her 'Confidence Conversations' podcast, available on Apple and Spotify.


We first met at a local LDV event and from April 2020 have worked together in various ways.  Gayle now has regular 1:1's, what she would call mentoring, creating accountability as well as new ideas to drive the business forward.  At the heart we work together to ensure the brand values are never lost or misrepresented, allowing Gayle to show up in a way that works for her.

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