If you don't know Lori, I promise you, you will smile when you are with her, so much positive energy, she could light up the whole of England. Lori has already grown a successful business for over 20 years now, and more recently found a real passion with The Mindful Eating Clinic.

Lori just amazes me with everything she is able to do, from podcasts to blogs to creating her own website and working through the SEO!  If something will help her achieve her vision, Lori will do it and do it well.  All that and still enough time to crochet!




Lori isn't afraid to take on new challenges, to get stuck in and share her knowledge in order to help others. 

Lori has her own podcast & Youtube channel, blogs, courses, membership club and various coaching packages.  Along with an upcoming 'Boosting Breakfasts' book.

With this being Lori's second business, it continues to grow and build a consistent client base, all hugely benefiting from the services Lori has to offer.



Having worked together since July 2020, Lori now has regular monthly 1:1's where we work through clear strategy, one that keeps the brand and Lori at the heart of it. A focus on value for both current and potential clients that disrupts a very 'diet' dominating industry.

Green Vegetables


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